YMCA chemical spill sends one person to hospital


A chemical spill Monday evening at a downtown Portland YMCA swimming pool sent one person to the hospital and closed Southwest 10th Avenue for several hours.

Portland Fire and Rescue said that at about 9:18 p.m., a worker at the YMCA, 111 S.W. 10th Ave., mistakenly mixed a gallon of chlorine with six gallons of muriatic acid, producing a cloud of chlorine gas.

The chemicals are used in the pool's maintenance.

The fumes affected five people. One person was taken to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital for evaluation. All of the people affected said the chemicals irritated their eyes.

The city's hazmat firefighters from Southeast Portland Fire Station 7 worked to neutralize the chemical reaction and ventilate the building.

The spill forced people in a homeless shelter on the YMCA's upper floors to find other places to stay Monday night. It also shut down the city's streetcar, which passes in front of the building, for two hours.