When Harry Glickman read about Oregon Arena Corp.'s bankruptcy filing while at his winter home in Palm Springs, Calif., last week, he was aghast.

'I just hate to see that happen,' says Glickman, the first president and general manager of the Trail Blazers and the patriarch of the franchise. 'It puts a blight on the team with the people in the community. But really, this is of their own doing.'

Glickman believes it is the result of a gradual decline that began when owner Paul Allen hired Bob Whitsitt to run the franchise in 1994.

'I was never in favor of hiring Whitsitt,' says Glickman, who stays at home in Portland during the summers. 'There have been too many bad decisions along the way, and the franchise has paid for it. It's just a shame.'

Glickman, who turns 80 in May, doesn't know current team President Steve Patterson well, but he is well-acquainted with GM John Nash.

'I have known John for a long time, and I am a fan of his,' Glickman says. 'It looks to me like it is a new beginning. I sure hope so.'

• So Bonzi Wells goes unconscious Wednesday night in the Rose Garden, as he is wont to do three or four times an NBA season. When that knuckleball is kissing twine on such a regular basis, it is a sight to behold.

To have it happen on his first trip back to face his former team, though, only one thing is possible Ñ the young fella must have made a pact with the devil. There will be a day of reckoning, I would imagine.

• Maybe Steven Jackson will be in the starting backfield for the defending Super Bowl champions next season.'s Mel Kiper Jr. projects the former Oregon State running back to go to New England with the 21st selection in the April NFL draft. Kiper rates Jackson as the No. 1 back. Jackson did not work out at last month's Indianapolis combine because he was rehabilitating from minor knee surgery after an injury suffered in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Kiper rates OSU's Dwan Edwards as the No. 4 defensive tackle and a first- or second-round choice; Oregon's Junior Siavii as the No. 5 defensive tackle and a second- or third-round pick; and OSU's Richard Seigler as the fifth-best inside linebacker, but only a sixth- or seventh-round selection.

• Gentleman George Michael had better watch his backside.

On Sunday, when Michael defends his Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling championship belt against Maniac Matt Borne at the Milwaukie Elks Lodge, a few other grapplers might strike when his head is turned.

Like Thunder, who lost his belt in an October match when Michael Ñ the dirty cheater Ñ solicited help from tag-team partner Tager. Tager leaped from the turnbuckle to knock Thunder out. Then, while Michael and Tager were in the ring celebrating, Michael Ñ the dirty double-crosser Ñ grabbed the belt and whacked Tager over the head, knocking him silly.

Michael and Tager squared off on a February card, and George Ñ the dirty dog Ñ was disqualified for using a foreign object. As Tager lay helpless, Borne came to his defense. Now Borne gets his opportunity to slay the villain.

'It's going to be a wild match,' says Thunder, who also will wrestle Sunday.

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