Clip and save this column, Colin


Local radio boy Colin Cowherd made his final trip into the riverside studios of 'The Fan,' KFXX (910 AM), this morning. In a few weeks, his morning show, as you know by now, -will be aired nationally on the ESPN Radio network, originating from Bristol, Conn.

Cowherd, who also was a sports director-anchor for KGW (8), is a fine fellow. A funny guy. But I do think he may need a little help as he plunges into the dangerous big-time talent pool that is ESPN. To that end, I thought I'd take a few moments and give him some advice on his upcoming gig:

• Get ready for a constant -diet of useless guests from ESPN's other properties Ñ from their Web site 'insiders' to their television experts. Be mentally set for more dull interviews with Chris Fowler, John Clayton and Digger Phelps than you really need.

• Say no to soccer. Every single time. I don't care how many games that network carries, don't give in.

• Don't ever let me hear you say, 'Boo-yah.'

• Every few days, some wise guy at the network is going to try to change the show. Remember why they hired you. They liked what you did in Portland. Don't let them mess with you.

• On second thought, you could use some messing. Just don't let them tinker with the show.

• When they try to shove U-Conn women's basketball down your throat, resist. It's the only thing they have in Bristol, and they go way overboard with it already.

• Careful when you're on -the computer. Don't be signing onto Web sites that you can't explain to your boss. Remember, this is a Disney company.

• Say hello to Harold Reynolds for us. Good guy.

• I don't care how good they're telling you their latest made-for-TV movie is, don't waste a lot of time promoting it on your show. It probably stinks, just like the other ones.

• Don't come crying to me about the weather back there. At what they're paying you, you can afford a mink coat. And you know, the mink would go well with your 'man bracelet.'

• Watch your back. I'm guessing that several dozen people in Bristol wanted that job. Make sure they don't gang up on you when you're not looking.

• Stay away from Rob Dibble. He sounds dangerous.

• Talk Kenny Mayne into coming on your show once in a while. He's the most underappreciated talent in the company.

• Let a few people get through each day. The problem with most of the ESPN shows is that they never put callers on the air. With a national base, you could get some pretty good calls. Goof with the callers a little, just like you did in Portland.

• Remember Ñ and I know you will Ñ where you came from. Don't be a total West Coast sellout, but at least be the one guy back there who recognizes there is a world west of St. Louis.

• Have as much fun doing that show as you had doing the one here. Sometimes, that probably won't be as easy as it sounds. But if you accomplish it, we'll have just as much fun listening.

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