Color Commentary

Portlanders respond to this question:

Will Multnomah County's decision to permit same-sex marriages be good or bad for Portland?

• Judith Wyss, an artist who lives in Southeast Portland: 'The advantage for Portland in having Multnomah County performing same-sex marriages is that people will come from other states to have their marriages legalized; they will have to stay someplace and eat someplace. This means more revenue for hotels and restaurants, and ultimately, for the city.'

• Paddy Tillett, an architect who lives in Northwest Portland: 'We do not choose our color, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. Our constitution recognizes us all as equal despite our differences. Is it bigotry or ignorance that motivates so many people to exclude one category or another from constitutional equality? Multnomah County's decision is a triumph for those fundamental values that underpin our society: equality for every citizen in the eyes of the law.'

• Lucas May, student body president at Franklin High School and a resident of Southeast Portland: 'Bravo! The county's validation of same-sex marriage is an impressive step toward civil rights and recognizes a couple's commitment. Portland will be remembered as a leader in this ongoing struggle for equal rights.'

• Harvey Fink, a downtown business consultant who lives in Vancouver, Wash.: 'It will be devastating. Large businesses will either move or not locate here. If they are forced to extend benefits to gay partnerships, they will be -uncompetitive in the marketplace. How does San Francisco, Oregon, sound?'