Excerpts from a Portland Business Alliance presentation last Wednesday featuring three of the leading candidates for mayor:

'We need to make sure that the city and the business community are hand-in-glove when it comes to facing the future.'

'We need to get back to understanding that there are certain programs that are essential to our city, so that when lean times come we will be able to fund them.'

'If you want to cut down, spend our money wisely and proactively, not just on whatever's on the table at the moment, like the baseball stadium.'

'The city of Portland doesn't have priorities, a core mission or vision.'

Ñ Tom Potter,

former Portland police chief

'We can make the system work for businesses and citizens of this community. We need the business community to take the lead in holding government officials responsible.'

'When unemployment in Oregon was No. 1 in the country, our elected officials spent money on consultants to prove Portland was business-friendly, instead of listening to the complaints of businesses.'

'Politicians have to start fixing something. There's been too much talk and not enough action. We wouldn't be in this fix if we do what we said we would.'

'The budget process is a political process, not a fiscal-responsibility process.'

Ñ James Posey, Northeast Portland-based business owner

'It's not an urban myth that our schools, who have done such a good job, are on the verge of losing it.'

'We need more police on the street Ñ I'm confident we can get 20 more in this budget Ñ and we need more jails. Now is not the time for big capital projects.'

'We can't be a two-tiered education system, which leads to a two-tiered economic system and a divided city.'

'Together, OHSU and Portland State can do for this community what the University of Washington does for Seattle. I was privileged to go to Stanford, but now I'm a Portland State University Viking!'

Ñ Jim Francesconi,

city commissioner

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