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M&F building could

house post office

So with a whimper the city of Portland rolled over and let the General Services Administration kick the post office out of the Pioneer Courthouse, and it's in search of a new home (Battle over, focus turns to new post office site, Feb. 24).

How about this for an idea: Put it in the Meier & Frank building. It's right on the downtown mall, not far from the old location, and I'm sure the May Department Stores Co. has room in the building Ñ and would welcome 1,500 additional people coming into their store Ñ and it shouldn't take up that much room.

A win-win all around.

Sam Butler

North Portland

Activist's restaurant

presents bitter irony

Ecoterror cheerleader Craig Rosebraugh opening a restaurant Ñ any commercial venture, really Ñ is sadly ironic (Activist indulges capitalistic craving, -Feb. 6).

Rosebraugh's plan to use the free-market system as a fund-raising tool (for his jihad against the free-market system) sounds a lot like the hypocritical Internet activism of anti-technology zealots.

Rosebraugh talks a good game when doing so brings no real consequences.

His books are full of bombastic anti-American rhetoric, and posters announcing his speeches are typically festooned with pictures of machine guns.

But when he was summoned in 2002 to defend his views before Congress, Rosebraugh invoked the Fifth Amendment more than 50 times, refusing to even acknowledge his name or citizenship.

Today's eco-extremists like to compare themselves to Martin Luther King Jr., but at least King had the guts to accept the consequences for his civil disobedience. Rosebraugh's Earth Liberation Front gang is much more like the Ku Klux Klan: They wear masks, commit crimes under cover of darkness and use fire as a tool of intimidation.

In the United States, 80 percent of new restaurants fail to stay in business through their first year. Poetic justice would call for Rosebraugh Ñ for once in his life Ñ to join the majority.

David Martosko

Center for Consumer Freedom

Washington, D.C.

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