Rants, rants, rants É- • Why do teams with the ball on the last possession of a quarter or a half hold the ball until five or six seconds remain on the clock, then wind up with a hurried shot Ñ or fail to get one off at all? Folks, start the move to the basket with 10 to 12 seconds left. Get a shot up with at least five seconds on the clock, giving yourself time for a follow shot.

• With less than a second to go in an NBA period, why inbound the ball in backcourt and take a halfhearted final attempt, or not even get one off at all? Throw a pass to midcourt and see what you can come up with. Chances are greater that you will make a Hail Mary shot than that the opponent will intercept and score.

• Teammates slapping hands with the free-throw shooter after a miss É I'd like to slap the guy who started it.

• Homer broadcasters abound. I don't want to hear an NBA Finals call on a dunk during a game against the Clippers in December. Enough of the referee-bashing every time a call goes the other way. Keep things in perspective. And keep the cutesy nicknames to a minimum, and only as a synonym to break up the monotony. 'Frankie's pitching tomorrow' means something only to insiders who know Ryan Franklin's nickname. Smacks of name-dropping to me.

• Does it seem like the Broadway Bridge project has gone on longer than screenings of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'? Traffic to and from the Rose Garden has been single lane each way for at least two NBA seasons. Is construction really that slow, or are workers simply ensuring job security by dragging their heels?

• Yeah, as Sports Illustrated writes, 'Almost everything (Rasheed) Wallace was criticized for in Portland now seems to be earning him praise in Detroit. É while Rasheed's yapping got him in trouble in Portland, it is a welcome distraction in his new home.' Even if the Pistons win the NBA title and the Trail Blazers don't make the playoffs, his removal from the City of Roses was an important start to the healing process between the franchise and its fan base. Let's see how Wallace's act plays in Motown Ñ or perhaps the Big Apple Ñ in another year or so.

• When Darius Miles breaks an opponent's ankles with a crossover dribble and layup, when he goes from the second lane for a rebound off a missed free throw and dunks Ñ he did both in a game last week Ñ I welcome his fists-to-forehead routine. When he makes a foul shot or a 10-footer, run to the other end and play some defense.

Dwight Jaynes is on vacation.

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