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When the news came out regarding Chairwoman Diane Linn's decision to proceed with marriage licenses for gay partners, I 'bit' initially on the reaction to the fact that this was not done in an open meeting. After a few days and listening to all the reactions, reading the diatribes in the letters' columns, I was grateful that Linn had taken this action. This elderly woman had always felt badly about the old 'closet' that some of my friends were in.

I will not sign a recall petition, and I congratulate the courage of three of the commissioners and Chairwoman Linn.

The article 'The accidental agitator' (March 23) indicated that some liberals felt 'the issue would be better managed through gradual, not sudden change.' That was almost the exact refrain of those opposing the end of segregation.

Remember that refrain? Much, much better this way. Let's let those happy couples live in peace and the brouhaha will soon be forgotten.

Ruth Currie

Southwest Portland

Obey the law

until it's changed

Your recent headline 'Linn stands firm on gay marriages' (March 16) should have been different. While that statement may be true, a more accurate headline would have been, 'Linn stands firm on breaking state laws.' Whether we agree or disagree with gay marriages and whether or not it is constitutional, the simple fact is that it is currently against the law. If you don't like the law, there are legitimate channels to change the law.

Until that is done, the law needs to be obeyed. Otherwise, we should all be able to break any law we want. A law is a law, and authorities must obey the law. Why should a citizen follow laws when their leaders don't follow the law?

A further article should have been that the governor lacks the backbone to 'order' the local officials to follow the law until changed. What a display of lack of leadership for the head of the state.

The city of Portland is no better. The mayor fires a public employee for charging $150 wrongly on an expense account (while not doing the same for those who have done much worse) and will not tell her police department to cite and arrest those who willingly and knowingly break the law.

Truly unbelievable. This city, county and state seem to be going downhill fast, and no one seems to care. I know for sure who I will not be voting for in the future unless it is to remove them from office.

Jim Boland


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