by:  DIck and May Stiles

Coach Dick Stiles and his wife, May, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 13.

Since the fall of 1965, the couple has lived in Estacada, where Dick taught and coached at the high school for 26 years. May taught elementary school at Eagle Creek and Clackamas Grade School, where she still substitutes.

Dick said he remembers most how hot it was that day (105 degrees) and that he had to hurry to report to Fargo, N.D., by 4 p.m. to take a physical for the college all-star football game in which he was scheduled to play.

May found out what it was like to be married to a coach when they honeymooned where he had a week of daily double practices for the game the next Saturday. May spent the week in the motel room writing thank-you cards.

In that all-star game, Joe Bellino, the Heisman Trophy winner from Navy, was on the same team as Dick.

Sometime during the week, Joe came to Dick and said, 'Hey Stiles -- I hear you just got married.'

Dick replied, 'Yep, that's right!'

So Joe said, 'How about my wife and I take you and your new bride out for pizza tonight?'

Dick hadn't told him, but he and May had never had pizza before because it was something new to North Dakota in 1961.

After the game, Dick and May loaded their new Rambler station wagon and headed for Oregon and their first teaching and coaching jobs.

They have three children: Todd in Eagle Creek, Carrie in Estacada, and Doyle, who now lives in Portland. They also have five grandsons and one granddaughter.

- Dick Stiles

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