Letters - Aug. 18, 2011


America has created Walmart culture

To the Editor:

Sadly enough, we the people of the United States have created Walmart.

We can talk about how they have taken over and make poor business decisions, etc. however, we have simply gotten what we've requested in our society - cheap goods in mass quantities.

All the big, and some small, retailers do just what Walmart does, the malls are full of stores with exotic names that are really just small Walmarts. The prices are just higher to make them look like they have something different. The source of their goods is not pretty, but it's like buying neatly wrapped meat at the grocery store, people like it, but don't want to know where it comes from because that's too hideous.

Everyone is looking for a deal on everything from home goods to groceries; it's the American Way, we all do it daily.

America is not producing goods like it used to for many reasons, but supply and demand are really what drives these companies that we have come to despise.

I have a feeling that until we all get a grip on our addiction to buying lots of cheap stuff, we will not be able to keep out the Walmarts of the world.

Patty Baker

Lake Oswego