Since 2008, Lakeridge High School has had to jump through hoops to play football games on its home turf.

But with the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission's stamp of approval Monday, officials will no longer have to seek a formal review of whether the school is meeting conditions required for the field's use.

For more than three decades, before Lakeridge had its own stadium, the Pacers had to play football games at the district facilities at Lake Oswego High School. That changed a few years back.

But when commissioners approved the athletic field permit in 2008, they laid out a variety of requirements, including limitations on lighting, noise and parking.

Another condition of approval called for an annual review - for three consecutive years - to check whether each requirement is being met. And so year after year the district has come back to prove enough parking spaces were provided, time limits on lighting were met and other issues were mitigated during the previous football season. That requirement for a regular assessment is rare but not unheard of in the world of city planning, according to city staff.

Hearing no objections at a public hearing on Monday, the development commission signed off on Lakeridge's clean report card, making it the final required review.

Jessica Numanoglu, city staff coordinator for the project, said community members most affected by the athletic field appear to be satisfied with the way the school district has handled its sports events.

'The planning and building services department has not received any complaints in the last three years and has not been forwarded any complaints (from other departments),' she said. 'From our perspective, we haven't heard anything negative from the community.'

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