Letters - Aug. 18, 2011


Walmart will be a welcome addition to Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

Hooray, Walmart is coming to Lake Oswego! This famous store will be a welcome addition to our commercial business sector. It is a department store. Somewhat like Fred Meyer, which provides one-stop shopping.

I occasionally shop at Walmart near the Clackamas Town Center. Walmart, for the most part, has the best prices. They take care of their friendly employees who have been successful in fighting off national unions. If I need a pair of leather dress shoes, I go to Nordstrom's. Their leather goods are top of the line, but you pay for it.

Ms. King bemoans the terrible (predicament) of other not-like-us people shopping at Walmart from out of the swamps of Tigard and Tualatin. I welcome them. In my many years of travel I have always made a point of riding the local transportation, buses and street cars.

They carry all sorts of people and it is a reminder of what this country is all about and the demographic change it is undergoing. The white race will be in the minority related to the Orientals, Hispanics and Blacks in a generation. Get used to it.

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Dog treatment downtown 'nearly made me sick'

To the Editor:

In the early afternoon of Aug. 15, I witnessed abuse against a beautiful black and tan marble-colored Boxer in downtown Lake Oswego on A Avenue between Sixth and Seventh streets.

The dog was being jerked by the collar; and, consequently, the animal's neck could easily have been injured, as the master drug the dog, in fact, lifting the dog off its feet while roughly jerking it.

This man had been crossing Sixth Street with his dog, along with two small children who were trailing several yards behind - both seemingly under the age of 5 and crossing with no assistance from the adult. The dog was frightened, as the master jerked and hollered at the animal and attempted to kick it. As the leash slackened, the animal tucked its tail between its legs, inched forward and looked back at the man with sad and woefully frightened eyes.

It was so distressing that it nearly made me sick. I continued to the Post Office and then determined to go back to get a better look at the situation and perhaps report it.

However, upon returning to the area, the man with the dog and children had disappeared. I shudder to think how he maybe treats his children after seeing this kind of deplorable and abusive behavior toward a defenseless pet.

I regret not having immediately reported the incident to authorities, and I encourage anyone witnessing this kind of abuse - whether against a pet or a child - to report it as soon as possible.

Sharon Moy

Lake Oswego

Street was going to be paved

To the Editor:

I was notified earlier this summer that the street in front of my house would be repaved in July or August.

Today I received a letter from the city stating that the street would not be repaved this summer because the annual pavement preservation project budget was cut significantly and thus cuts had to be made to this year's projects.

The street is badly in need of repaving and has been for years, yet our mayor and some of his cronies on the city council continue to spend thousands of tax payer dollars on studies for a streetcar that the majority of citizens say they do not want.

I can hardly wait for election time when we have an opportunity to clean out that mess in city hall.

Bud Gillison

Lake Oswego

America created Walmart culture

To the Editor:

Sadly enough, we the people of the United States have created Walmart.

We can talk about how they have taken over and make poor business decisions, etc. however, we have simply gotten what we've requested in our society - cheap goods in mass quantities.

All the big, and some small retailers do just what Walmart does, the malls are full of stores with exotic names that are really just small Walmarts.

The prices are just higher to make them look like they have something different. The source of their goods is not pretty, but it's like buying neatly wrapped meat at the grocery store, people like it, but don't want to know where it comes from because that's too hideous.

Everyone is looking for a deal on everything from home goods to groceries, it's the American Way, we all do it daily.

America is not producing goods like it used to for many reasons, but supply and demand are really what drives these companies that we have come to despise.

I have a feeling that until we all get a grip on our addiction to buying lots of cheap stuff, we will not be able to keep out the Walmarts of the world.

Patty Baker

Lake Oswego

Dream Is coming true

To the Editor:

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped us over the last few weeks as we got under way with our plans for the courtyard at Lake Oswego Junior High School. Over the last three Saturdays, several volunteers dug large holes for the planting of trees in the first phase of many to come in this project.

This project grew out of concerns over dwindling school budgets and the desire to provide more space for learning. Once complete, the plan will provide space for instruction in science, language arts, social studies, art, and for musical performances, large school events, and more.

Many of our generous volunteers came from families in this school but we received ample support from the Riverwest Church community next door to LOJHS. They helped with school projects in the past and proved once again how strong a community they are.

Last Thursday was 'delivery day' for our large trees. A strong and enthusiastic group of recent LO High School graduates and (again!) Riverwest Church helped out. Moving these heavy trees was not easy so the strong labor was helpful. We couldn't have done the job without the hard work, expertise, and equipment provided by the school district maintenance staff - in particular, Chevy - who was great. I look forward to working with him at our schools in the future.

We encourage all families of LOJHS (and future families in this school) to join us as we continue developing this space into 'outdoor classrooms.' It's a great opportunity to strengthen the community, take pride in your work, feel a sense of ownership and have fun.

Michael Zimmerman

Parent volunteer

Lake Oswego

Good job, LOPD dogs!

To the Editor:

This weekend we went to the police dog competition in Hillsboro and watched both of Lake Oswego's K-9 units show their skills. It was awesome.

Officer Josh Day and Charger were really fast in the speed competition. We got to pet Charger and talk to Officer Josh. They are really nice.

Officer Bryan McMahon and Kai were the best of 13 dogs at the agility course and the search competition. Kai also won the overall Top Dog award for the best K-9 unit. It was really fun to watch Kai and Charger win because they're from Lake Oswego just like us.

Sela Miller, age 5

Owen Miller, age 9

Lake Oswego