Will the change of guard in Portland impact us in LO?


An article in The Oregonian a few weeks ago cited 'Big changes to Portland City Council assured with Sam Adams on way out.'

The piece went on to indicate a potential change in city hall in Lake Oswego, and that Jack Hoffman acknowledged that if either government saw major changes, an already contentious project (the near half billion dollar streetcar) might not go forward.

While reasons given by Adams for his decision not to run have been varied, it seems likely to be related to the fact that he was discovered to have lied (about a homosexual dalliance with a teenager) leading up to election in 2010. With the truth out (that he lied) his support has evaporated (both financial and voter), and his chances would be nil in 2012.

Hoffman is quoted in the article as indicating that 'The Portland City Council occupies a very strong leadership role in the region. Their impacts, and the things they do, have effect beyond their jurisdiction.'

This, sadly, has been all too true when it comes to Lake Oswego with Hoffman and Judie Hammerstad as mayors. Both share Portland's tactic of forcing 'social engineering' (including ultra high density housing and rail transportation) upon the citizens, and both pandered shamelessly to Metro - all against the wishes of the majority of LO citizens.

OK, Adams has seen the handwriting on the wall (or 2012 ballots) and has ducked out. What about Hoffman? He has clearly alienated a huge percentage of Lake Oswego citizens (and voters) by stomping on property rights with the infamous 'Sensitive Lands,' hanging onto the financial millstone around taxpayers' necks (millions of dollars per year) called the WEB, the aforementioned streetcar and the monster known as Foothills (where his conflict of interest is still just 'potential').

I will suggest that Hoffman may do an Adams and not run for re-election in 2012, as he realizes he will be defeated soundly. Be on the lookout for the cabal that has controlled Lake Oswego politics for many years to start grooming a replacement. Look for people suddenly getting high-profile assignments and coverage in the news. Also note that Bill Tierney started to try some months ago to convince citizens he is a moderate - after several years of being a faithful 'yes man' for Hoffman's schemes. We are not fooled.

'We the people' of Lake Oswego need to put people in the mayor's office, and in the city council chairs of Sally Moncrieff and Bill Tierney, that will represent the citizens. The slogan for 2012 might be 'Take Back Lake Oswego'

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Dave Luck is a 19-year resident of Lake Oswego, taxpayer and a member of COLA-LO.