Our smug county commissioners were, I'm sure, secretly laughing when they voted to change their election rules a year ago. By making their office nonpartisan, they thought they'd only have to run in one election in the spring, rather than a primary in the spring and the general election in November. It would save them a lot of money, work and time wasting contact with voters.

All they had to do was get 50 percent plus one of the votes in the spring election so there wouldn't be a runoff in November. I'm sure they assumed that wouldn't be a problem.

Their smug, arrogant assumption was marvelously wrong.

In last week's election, 54 percent of the voters wanted anyone but Hyde; a whopping 72 percent of the voters wanted anyone but Fisher. Both of them will have to campaign and run in the November election.

Their challengers, Tammy Magra against Hyde and Wayne Mayo against Fisher, now have time for extensive public exposure at events over the summer. I know for a fact that Hyde and Fisher despise these events - they'd much rather be sitting in air-conditioned offices making 'important' decisions.

Hoist with your own petard, boys?

Yes, with lots of help from the voters.

Pat Zimmerman, Scappoose

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