Forest Grove

Monday, May 14

Police responded to the 1100 block of 32nd Place on a report of a burglary in progress. Officers searched the home and found that the burglar was actually the family dog in the garage.   

Police were called to Harvey Clarke Elementary School on a report of subjects dressed in gang attire drinking 40-ounce beers and smashing bottles on the concrete.

A report was received that a male subject was ramming a cat's head against the ground and had killed it in the 2300 block of Sunset Drive.The caller reported that the cat was left behind a house.Officers responded and found the cat but determined it was hit and killed by a vehicle the previous day. No one was found near the cat.

Officers recovered a stolen car in the area of 18th Avenue and B Street.

Tuesday, May 15

Officers went to the 1900 block of 27th Avenue to speak to a subject concerned about going home to a roommate who was being aggressive.The caller was especially concerned due to the roommate's training in the martial arts.  

A citizen came into the station to get advice on what he should say in court to help himself get out of a speeding ticket he received on Highway 47. The citizen admitted that he was speeding, but that he didn't think it was fair as he did not see the officer before getting pulled over.

A caller reported he could smell 'meth' cooking in the area of the 3800 block of Pacific Avenue.Officers attempted contact at the residence but no one answered. They were unable to smell anything and saw no indications of anything related to a meth lab.

Police investigated several incidents of car windows smashed out in the 2700 block of Main Street.

Officers responded to several reports of graffiti around town including several locations with the letters 'ROD' sprayed onto objects and buildings.

Officers investigated a report that an adult male purchased a half-gallon of vodka for two teenage girls at the Forest Grove liquor store.

Wednesday, May 16

A caller phoned police to the 2600 block of Main Street to complain that his roommate had installed a video camera in a common area. The caller was advised to report this issue to his landlord.

Officers were called to locate a subject spraying signs with paint. They were later called to assist Cornelius Police on likely the same subject who was now inside the Walmart store spray painting a barbeque and trashing the store. The subject was located and arrested.

Two people were arrested for stealing items from Safeway. 

Police responded to the 2700 block of Main Street on a disturbance. Officers located two 12-year-old boys and learned that a disagreement ensued with what began as a friendly game of 'stick fighting.'

Several officers responded to the 2500 block of 21st Avenue to break up a fight between four or five intoxicated individuals.

A caller in the 1500 block of 23rd Avenue called to report her husband missing. While the officer was taking the report, the husband showed up and was fine.  

Thursday, May 17

Police responded to Thatcher Park to remove a homeless man who was sleeping in the bathroom. 

Officers responded to a 2800 block of Pacific Avenue on a injury crash between a car and motorcycle. 

Officers responded to the 3400 block of 19th Avenue on a domestic disturbance where a man threatened his wife with an aluminum bat. The man was arrested and transported to jail. 

Police were called to the fire department after an intoxicated subject stumbled into one of the open bays as rescue was responding a call. (Coincidently, the call response was on another extremely intoxicated subject.) Officers transported the subject walking into the fire department to a detox center.

Friday, May 18

Police were called to the 1700 of Mountain View Lane to after a pair of kids removed a manhole cover and were playing in a sewer pipe.  

Police were called by a woman who wanted important information passed on to the FBI. Police determined the woman was having some mental health issues and did not actually have anything of interest to pass on to federal authorities.  

A victim called to report that her cell phone was stolen from the Aquatic Center. Using GPS technology, the phone was tracked to an address in Cornelius where police recovered the phone and arrested the juvenile who stole it.  

Saturday, May 19

A caller alerted police to medications sold at a garage sale.

Police responded to a verbal dispute between a Tri-Met driver and a rider near 19th Avenue and Birch Street.  

An officer on patrol near 21st Avenue and A Street was flagged down by a citizen who reported a bark dust fire. The fire was extinguished.

Police responded to the 2700 block of Main Street regarding a disturbance between two individuals, one of whom threatened to come back with a tazer and a gun.  

Police responded to Harvey Clarke Elementary on a report of juvenile running around on the roof of the school. 

Police responded to the 1600 block of 21st Avenue regarding a dog in distress. Officers found a large German shepherd with its rear foot caught in the top of a chain link fence. Officers freed the dog.   

Police were called to the 2900 block of Breanna Street after a citizen was approached by a man who wanted a plastic bag and a ride to Walmart. The citizen was concerned about what appeared to be blood on the man's hands. Police found the subject and determined the substance was red paint.

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