Vote yes for the future of Scappoose


For more than 20 years, forward thinking Columbia County and Scappoose city officials, community leaders and businesses fought, and eventually won, the battle know as 'The Gravel Wars.'

Their hard-won victory meant the priceless land surrounding Scappoose Industrial Airpark would not be used for open-pit rock mining, but instead could be used to provide essential economic growth, and hundreds of jobs into the foreseeable future.

Economic growth and jobs are absolutely necessary if Scappoose is to remain a vital and independent community.

When the Scappoose City Council recently voted to provide that better future for the community by expanding its urban growth boundary, a small but vocal group stepped up to question that decision. Some of their concerns were legitimate, and have been addressed and corrected. One good example of listening to those concerns was the assurance that the Crown Zellerbach Trail would be protected, and that bike and pedestrian access would be preserved along the valuable trail.

As a voter, you will have the opportunity to approve this UGB expansion by marking 'yes' on ballots that will be in your mailbox starting the week of Sept. 2.

By saying 'yes' to the future, you will help provide opportunities that have immediate and positive impact on your community.

As individuals and as a community, we can't move ahead by looking in the rear view mirror.

- Art Heerwagen, Former Scappoose City Councilor and publisher of The Spotlight