Re: "BCC nixes vote on light rail," (Aug. 3 issue), light rail is coming, folks. And it will be awesome. Get over it already. You will like it a few years after it is here.

"Joe from Oak Grove"

Re: "Debt vote only delays painful cuts," (Aug. 10), I am completely disillusioned with Kurt Schrader's yes vote for the debt deal. This deal is the first cornerstone being laid to take away our only safety nets for middle-class America.

It is my opinion that this groundwork legislation will be the founding principles to an all-out attack on Social Security and Medicare. These are programs that the middle class now must rely on being there after corporate America and Wall Street have outsourced our jobs, sold and taken away pension funds and wiped out our 401(k)s. Remember Enron?

Additionally, Congressman Schrader has abdicated his role to be a part of the legislative process and given those powers to a 'commission' that I did not vote to represent me. His abdication of his responsibilities is a clear signal he no longer cares to do the job the voters sent him to Washington to do. I am very disappointed with Congressmen Schrader and feel even a Democrat does not have the same values as I do about looking out for our middle class.

We need to tell the congressman he no longer represents our views, and probably should consider this his last term in office.


Re: "Bicyclist killed in early Saturday hit-and-run accident," (Aug. 3), I am really saddened by some of the comments that blame Michael (Vu). He's dead, and some of you have no respect for that at all! Poor little guy; who cares at this point if he was wearing a HELMET!

For God's sake, people, be kind and gentle. He didn't ask to be killed. I know the driver of the car didn't wake up that morning and say, "Tonight I'm going to kill someone." Two lives ruined, not counting Michael's family and friends.

But be a little sensitive to your comments - we all get it, bikes and cars....blah blah blah. JUST BE NICE.


Re: "BCC nixes vote on light rail," (Aug. 3), once again we see the big PR guns and big government enablers come out and start in with their ad hominem attacks on anyone standing in their way. Ever notice how their arguments are never backed up by numbers that can be proven through experience - only by "studies and projections" originating from the same old interest groups standing to make money off the projects or the government agencies that hire them to sell the sizzle?

And once again, we see our Clackamas County commissioners display their true anti-democratic colors. They don't seem to realize that a lot of us live in Clackamas County not because we hate taxes, but because we don't like the way politics and finances are handled in Portland.

And, come the next election, a growing number of us are going to work very hard to ensure that Charlotte Lehan and Jim Bernard are no longer on the public payroll.


Re: "BCC nixes vote on light rail," (Aug 3), we need to invest in the future. Our ability to function as a community, state and nation is steadily being undermined by a belligerent group that is hostile to government action at all levels. Our parents and grandparents made investments in the infrastructure of our country. Through their taxes, they funded roads, bridges and schools that created jobs, fostered additional private sector economic development and improved our quality of life.

Now this vociferous group of tax-haters have screwed up Clackamas County's contribution to the replacement of the Sellwood bridge and are seeking to do the same to Milwaukie light rail. Light rail will create badly needed jobs, help spur millions in private-sector investment along the line and give many of us an efficient transit alternative. Even if you think you will never ride the new line, you will benefit from the fact that it will help keep McLoughlin Boulevard from turning into a parking lot at rush hour.

These anti-tax folks want the Sellwood bridge to fall into the river. Now, they want to block light rail. Ask yourself: how are many of us going to get to work every day? Increased congestion will hurt property values for everyone in Clackamas County.

It is time to stand up to the government haters. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we only hurt ourselves when we fail to make the investments that are needed to keep pace with population growth and the rising cost of energy.

"Kevin Kouns"

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