Viral Live lip dub proposal video has local roots

Couple are past, present performers for Lakewood Theatre Company
by: submitted photo, Isaac Lamb, left, the groom behind "the world's first live lip dub proposal," is currently starring in the Lakewood Center's production of "City of Angels."

The 'lip dub' marriage proposal video that has been seen around the world, making waves on the Internet and in the news, got its start locally. Bride- and groom-to-be Amy Frankel and Isaac Lamb are Portland residents and past and present performers for the Lake Oswego's Lakewood Theatre Company.

On May 23, the elaborate proposal - what Lamb called the 'world's first live lip-dub proposal' - began with Frankel's brother asking her to sit in the back of his car and listen to a song through a pair of headphones. As the car drove slowly through Lamb's parents' neighborhood, more and more of the couple's family and friends appeared, lip syncing and performing a choreographed dance to Bruno Mars' 'Marry You.' The cast of loved ones totaled 60 in all.

Since it was uploaded on May 25, the video has seen more than 8 million views on Youtube at press time; the couple has appeared on 'The Today Show;' and the story has garnered coverage from the Huffington Post and New York Daily News.

Lamb and Frankel even received congratulations from Bruno Mars himself, who tweeted: 'Congrats to Isaac Lamb and the future Mrs. I don't think I could've made a better music video for this song. Thank you,' on May 25.

The proposal is fitting of the couple's theatrical roots.

Actor and director Lamb is currently starring in the Lakewood Center's production of 'City of Angels,' running through June 10. In the past, he has appeared in the national tour of 'Defending the Caveman,' Broadway's longest running one-person show. Dancer, choreographer and actor Frankel has performed on Broadway and in the national tour of the revival of '42nd Street' and was the lead in Lakewood's 2010 production of 'Sweet Charity,' which Lamb directed. Both have worked on and appeared in a myriad of local productions throughout the Portland metro area.

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