Portland Timbers name Tony Slyter as first all-star for April
by: Courtesy of Portland Timbers, STANDING TALL — After a surprise “ambush” in the King City Grocery Outlet office, Tony and Tina Slyter (center) pose with Timbers mascot “Timber Joey” Webber (left) and player Darlington Magbe.

It's award season for Tony and Tina Slyter, owners of the King City Grocery Outlet.

Right on the heels of winning the Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce's Business of the Year Award, Tony Slyter has won another award for community service.

The Portland Timbers soccer team has started a new program to honor people who contribute to their communities, and Slyter, who was nominated by his employee Justin Wulf, won the very first Stand Together All-Star Award for April.

After Slyter was chosen, Wulf met mascot "Timber Joey" Webber and player Darlington Magbe at the King City Plaza to film an introduction for a taped segment before surprising Slyter in the store.

Wulf said he nominated Slyter "for his various contributions to the communities of Tigard, Newberg (where the Slyters also own a Grocery Outlet) and Tualatin."

Wulf added, "He really sets himself apart from everyone else between his work with the community, providing food for kids in need and other contributions to charity he's done."

When Timber Joey asked Wulf if Slyter would be surprised, Wulf replied, "Are you kidding? Yeah!"

Somehow the group got into Grocery Outlet's office without Slyter seeing them, and Tina Slyter, who was in on the surprise, told Tony that an angry customer wanted to talk to him.

When a surprised Slyter walked in, Timber Joey introduced himself and Magbe, congratulated him on winning the award, and told him Wulf had nominated him.

"You won for the month of April for all you've done for the community," Timber Joey said.

Magbe, who is a forward mid-fielder for the Major Soccer League team, handed Slyter several gifts, including a certificate for the award, two game tickets, an autographed pass, an autographed ball and a Stand Together T-shirt, after which a stunned Slyter said, "That's amazing."

Timber Joey told Slyter, "We are really impressed by what you've done in the community. We actually got a list from Justin of all you've done.

"We think it's amazing. We love that people are giving support to people in need. We thank you for that."

Slyter replied, "This is amazing. We appreciate it. We don't do it to get stuff - we do it because it's the right thing to do. The community means a lot to us here. Thanks."

When Timber Joey asked what Slyter considers his best moment while making all the contributions, Slyter replied, "It was when we were able to write a check for the Tigard-Tualatin pools. (The school district) was threatening to close them down, and we helped try to get it on the ballot (to form a tax-supported aquatics district) or they would be closed down."

Thanks to contributions like the one the Slyters made, voters approved the measure, and the Tigard-Tualatin Aquatic District was formed to operate the two swimming pools in the district.

Following the ceremony, Slyter commented, "Once again, we are humbled. After getting the chamber award too, I was speechless. We love this community."

According to the Portland Timbers' website, Stand Together represents the relationship between the Portland Timbers and its fans and signifies its strong commitment to community service.

The Portland Timbers Stand Together mission is to harness the power of sports to improve the lives of children and families in the region through targeted programs, deep partnerships and philanthropic giving.

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