TVF and R burn down home as part of fire training

Firefighters have been using home to practice search and rescue for a month
by: Submitted Photo, TVF&R crews started burning down a home at 13085 S.W. 76th Ave., in Tigard this morning as part of a training exercise.

Anyone near Southwest Hunziker Street in Tigard Thursday will likely see a column of smoke rising as firefighters with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue conduct fire training at a home in the area.

'This rare training opportunity allows firefighters from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue to gain valuable experience practicing fire engine operations, building entry and search techniques and fire behavior training,' said TVF and R spokesman Brian Barker.

The home, located at 13085 S.W. 76th Ave., was donated to the fire district by a property owner.

Firefighters have been using the home to practice search and rescue techniques and train new firefighters for the past month.

During the day-long training, officers will set fires in various rooms, and crews will enter the home and extinguish them.

At the end of the day, firefighters will set a final "terminal burn," and the home will be allowed to burn to the ground.

"This is a great opportunity for our firefighters to experience the deadly heat and toxic smoke of a house fire in a controlled environment," Barker said. "Although TVF and R firefighters frequently train with live fire in specially designed training props at our Training Center, there's nothing quite like gaining experience on a fire in a real home."

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