Beavercreek resident takes time to teach hospital staff CPR
by: sUBMitted photo, Beavercreek resident Lorie Ramey, CPR coordinator for Adventist Medical Center (from left), teaches lifesaving techniques to Marcia Lennen and Areli Carr of Belize.

Lorie Ramey of Beavercreek got more than she bargained for on recent trip to Belize, where she passed on her lifesaving skills rather than help with construction projects and work on her tan.

Ramey, 52, is an educator with a passion for helping nurses gain skills they need. But the 29-year veteran nurse at Adventist Medical Center spends the majority of her time teaching CPR, so she was looking to do other things.

Just before she left, she learned that the employees of a La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital in Santa Elena were in desperate need of CPR training.

'My goal on this trip was to do nothing nurse related, so I packed my hardhat and was ready to do construction,' she said. 'There wasn't anyone to do the renewals, and I said I would think about it, and as soon as I hung up the phone, I realized there was nothing to think about.'

Her husband, Larry Ramey, 56, is a certified registered nurse anesthetist for Kaiser Sunnyside in Clackamas. He also didn't avoid application of his medical skills while traveling. While in Belize he oversaw four surgeries and helped construct a basketball court in Georgeville.

Lori Ramey was able to get permission to take hospital manikins to teach seven CPR classes certifying 18 people in Belize.

'She heard of a need and was able to take equipment and training supplies to help train nurses in another part of the world,' said Judy Leach, communications director for Adventist Medical Center. 'Lori has a heart for service, (and) rather than having a relaxing time in Belize, she spent two weeks training staff on lifesaving techniques. A nurse's life never stops.'

A church mission trip offered service trips of one-to-three weeks in April, and Ramey went for as long as she could. Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southeast Portland called the program 'Blessings 4 Belize.'

'They were all so grateful and couldn't believe that I was doing this. It was an amazing trip, and I ended up doing something completely different from what I had planned on,' Ramey said.

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