Soil testing results negative for pesticides

HILLSDALE - Portland Parks and Recreation (PP and R) re-opened Hillsdale Park - located near the intersection of Southwest 27th Avenue and Southwest Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway - Aug. 24 after soil tested negative for pesticides.

The park had been closed temporarily as a safety precaution since Aug. 12.

PP and R had been investigating the possibility of unauthorized chemical use in the park after reports were received of dog illness following visits to the park. PP and R's investigation revealed that park users believed someone may have possibly been trying to kill moles or rodents at the park.

Portland Parks and Recreation does not use pesticides intended to kill or remove animals and use by the public of such pesticides on park land is a violation of law.

Soil was retrieved from park molehills and sent to a pair of area laboratories for testing and analysis. This testing turned up negative results for common mole poisons.

No dead rodents were seen in the area, and no other evidence of toxins discovered after repeated thorough searches by PP and R staff.

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