Portland man accused of robbing men he met in chat rooms

Police look for more possible victims of Elijah Whitney Cohens
by: Contributed photo Elijah Whitney Cohens

A man who police say met his victims in adult chat rooms, then robbed them when they met in person, is behind bars.

Elijah Whitney Cohens, 34, of Portland is being held on more than $2 million bail at the Multnomah County Detention Center on 17 charges of kidnapping, burglary, robbery, theft and criminal impersonation of a police officer and assault.

Gresham and Portland police detectives believe Cohens is responsible for four robberies, all involving men, said Sgt. Pete Simpson, Portland police spokesman.

The victims reported that between May 22 and June 17 they met Cohens on adult chat lines, agreed to meet him and were robbed. In one instance, Cohens reportedly threatened the victim with a knife, but purported to have a gun in the other three cases.

Cohens also allegedly told the men that he was a police officer and demanded their money.

Police arrested Cohens for violating his parole on June 21. He's been in jail throughout the police investigation into the alleged robberies.

Anyone with information about Cohens, particularly regarding other similar cases involving victims who never reported a crime, is encouraged to call Detective Mike Smith at 503-823-0871 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..