Dixie Guthrie claims Sheriff's deputy used excessive force

A woman suing Washington County in federal court claims that a county sheriff's deputy used excessive force when he broke her arm while he was arresting her for DUII in Washington County.

In a complaint filed May 30, Dixie Guthrie, 52, alleges that Washington County Sheriff's Deputy David McPherson first contacted Guthrie while investigating a car fire the evening of May 31, 2010, but soon began asking Guthrie if she was intoxicated.

As McPherson took Guthrie into custody, the lawsuit alleges, he threw her to the ground and while on top of her snapped her left arm and wrist, fracturing her radial arm bone.

McPherson then placed the broken arm in handcuffs, Guthrie alleges.

In the complaint, Guthrie says she didn't receive medical treatment for her injuries, but instead was booked and lodged in the Washington County Jail. After she was released, she went to Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro for examination where her bone fracture was diagnosed. According to the complaint, Guthrie suffers permanent scarring, physical injury and emotional trauma from the incident.

Washington County Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Bob Ray said the department doesn't comment on ongoing litigation.

M. Christian Bottoms, Guthrie's attorney, didn't respond to a call and e-mail left for him Monday.

Following her arrest, Guthrie was charged with DUII, resisting arrest and interfering with a peace officer. The DUII charge was dismissed this year after she successfully completed diversion.

Guthrie was found guilty of resisting arrest and acquitted of interfering with a peace officer during a jury trial held in September 2010. She was sentenced to two years of probation.

This spring, Guthrie ran into police again after she failed to appear at a March 5 court date. She was arrested March 14.

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