1954 record falls Saturday afternoon

The Portland area finally broke the 90 degree mark for the first time this year on Saturday. The temperature recorded at the Portland International Airport was 92 degree by Saturday afternoon.

"After waiting all spring and summer, residents of the greater Portland area finally got their first 90 degree day of the year Saturday. The Portland International Airport reached 90 degrees or higher as of the 3 pm observation," said Steve Pierce, president of the Oregon Chapter of the American Meterological Society.

The last time the Portland area failed to reach 90 degrees all year was 1954, a record that looked as though it might stand until Saturday. The high temperature that year was only 86 degrees. It was the lowest summer high since 1940.

"Vancouver, Washington also reached 90 degrees or higher for the first time of the year. Other cities to reach 90 degrees or higher today are Hillsboro, Troutdale and Salem, to name a few.

Pierce asks, "Now the big question is, 'How many more 90 degree days will we see, or not see, before the sun angle decreases to the point where 90 degrees becomes harder to reach?'"

Some additional "90 degree" facts from the airport record station include the following, according to Pierce:

* Most 90 degree days in a calendar year? 24, set in 2009

* Latest date to see the first 90 degree day of the year? September 13, 1957

* Latest "last" 90 degree day of the year? October 5, 1980.

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