Not all our best photos reach the paper; now, some get their chance
by: Miles Vance, FLIPPING OUT — Sunset’s Rocky Tufty leaps onto the pad in celebration after winning the Class 6A state championship in the high jump at Hayward Field in Eugene on May 26.

Sports photos are a staple of the Beaverton Valley Times sports section.

Indeed, they may be the most viewed, most anticipated part of the sports section every week.

Further, reader surveys often show that photos - especially good ones - bring readers into the stories they accompany and increase interest in those stories.

That said, there's never room for all of a given week's photos to appear in the newspaper. In fact, there's not even room for all the edited photos - those that have been selected as appropriate for publication and later cropped, toned and sharpened - created in a week to appear in the paper.

Combined with some of the other constraints facing newspapers these days, such as physically smaller pages and a decreasing number of pages within those sections, there are often some really cool photos that never see the light of day.

Until now, that is. Featured here, and more in this week's printed edition of the Valley Times, is a small collection of some of the Valley Times' best unpublished photos from the Spring 2012 season.

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