She may be a lottery winner and not even know it
by: Contributed photo This image is taken from security video of a woman who bought a $10,000 winning lottery ticket. The video is the only evidence that might link her to her unclaimed ticket.

Did you go to the Step In Market in Gresham at 2:05 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 17? If you did, you might have won $10,000.

Tommy Shin, owner of the market at 23450 S.E. Stark St., is looking for a woman who bought the winning ticket but left the store without claiming her winnings.

He said his wife, who is unfamiliar with selling the lottery tickets, was working the counter when the woman came in. The woman bought three bingo scratch tickets, one of which was a winner. She then walked away from the counter to get a drink, not seeing that she had won.

Shin said he realized what had happened later that day, dug the torn ticket out of the trash and watched the security video to see who had won.

'What if I didn't find it? That would have been $10,000 in the trash can,' Shin said.

He immediately called lottery officials, who came to his store to investigate the next day.

Shin has owned the market for six years, and has worked in the business for 10 years. In all his time at the store, he said he's only seen one other big lottery winner.

If this could be you, or someone you know, contact Shin at the Step In Market, 503-666-5137, to collect your ticket.

'I want to find the lucky lady,' Shin said.

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