Council hears concerns about ACC fees


The city council expressed concern Tuesday about a financial topic that didn't surface over five budget committee meetings or a previous council hearing on the 2012-13 spending plan: proposed fee increases at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center.

Several ACC members testified against changes to the center's fees, namely proposed charges for bridge players.

Carol Prell, who at 90 years old still works at Lake Twin Cinema downtown, said she wouldn't have to pay to partake in services related to arthritis or blood pressure; however, to keep up with her regular bridge games - which she credits with keeping her brain active and free of 'cobwebs' - it will now cost her.

'That's discriminating against my physical and mental ability,' Prell told the city council.

She said the ACC plans to raise its bridge fee by $2. She plays three times each week and has a cup of coffee when she plays, which altogether equals about $9 weekly. She already pays an annual ACC membership fee.

'I do not want to change it because I do think mental ability is very important, especially for someone my age,' Prell said.

Others testified that the adult community center provides needed social experiences along with mental stimulation. One person said for seniors, the ACC offers 'a welcome slice of constancy in their diminishing world.'

The council asked the city manager to look into proposed changes at the ACC.

'We were not aware of it,' Councilor Mary Olson said.' I'm happy you brought it to our attention.'