6/11/12 1:10 p.m. An unknown sneak got into a house through the doggy door, left his dirty pants and stole a daughter's lingerie.

6/12/12 2:31 p.m. An undetermined amount of cash was taken from a woman's wallet on Greenridge Drive.

6/13/12 6:58 a.m. A briefcase was taken from a vehicle parked on Carman Drive.

6/14/12 2:26 p.m. A thief escaped on a Gray Diamond mountain bike with knobby tires after robbing a business on Third Street. Stolen items included a pair of $72 opera glasses, a small silver bowl worth $19 and a small silver spoon valued at $7.

6/14/12 7:09 p.m. A boy's game console and games, valued at $1,000, were stolen at his school, Uplands Elementary.

6/15/12 2:41 p.m. A residence on Twin Fir Road was robbed of many items, including a computer, printer, software, tools, hand cart, VW parts and a shelving unit.

6/15/12 6:30 p.m. A dark gray Mongoose BMX bike was stolen from an apartment on Parkview Drive.

6/16/12 9:46 a.m. $70 was taken from a wallet at Greenridge Estates.


6/11/12 4:28 p.m. After being accused of stealing, a man was threatened by a subject with a 9MM gun.

6/11/12 6:28 p.m. A juvenile thought to be smoking something while inside a car parked at West Waluga Park turned out to just be a kid doing his homework.

6/11/12 7:20 p.m. A restraining order has been placed on a subject who was posting slanderous remarks on Facebook.

6/11/12 7:22 p.m. A girl was missing her black iPhone 4, valued at $200, at Lake Oswego High School.

6/11/12 8:34 p.m. A woman's former trainer is now harassing her via phone and email.

6/11/12 9:13 p.m. A 15-year-old grandson has been missing since Thursday.

6/11/12 11:28 p.m. People are having too good a time at a location on Jefferson Parkway, coming out on a deck and playing music too loudly. This is a chronic situation.

6/12/12 9:02 a.m. Suspicions were aroused by someone unscrewing the motion-activated exterior light over the past two nights.

6/12/12 10:40 a.m. Some pranksters placed five large planters in the roadway on Westridge Drive, which interfered with vehicles coming to the nearby school.

6/12/12 11:50 a.m. A missing 15-year-old girl was located and taken to the Clackamas County Department of Human Services.

6/12/12 12:38 p.m. A flaming bag of feces was left at the doorstep of a home on Hidalgo Street. Police are seeking a suspect and a motive.

6/12/12 1:11 p.m. Snapping turtles were found digging up a yard on Bay View Lane. The case was referred to the Fish & Wildlife Department.

6/12/12 6:32 p.m. A woman was elbowed twice in the head by a man who then threatened her in an incident on Monroe Parkway.

6/12/12 9:46 p.m. A peeping Tom got into a backyard and looked at a woman through her window. The man has been spotted doing this at least two other times.

6/13/12 7:40 a.m. Graffiti was found on the windows and walls of Palisades Elementary School. Damage was estimated at $125.

6/13/12 8:49 a.m. An 8-year-old boy with a disorder went on a rampage in a parking lot on North State Street, tearing up cars, throwing furniture and hitting customers.

6/13/12 12:57 p.m. A woman who had taken a large amount of medication and was thought to be contemplating suicide allowed herself to be taken by AMR to OHSU.

6/14/12 1:09 a.m. Unruly teens strung cellophane tape across the road on Overlook Drive near Lake Oswego High School.

6/14/12 10:06 a.m. A coyote refused to back away from a mother and daughter on Mt. Jefferson Terrace, despite the woman yelling and screaming at the curious critter.

6/14/12 11:02 a.m. Police were asked to watch out for some high school seniors set on a pranking spree after they left graduation ceremonies.

6/14/12 11:56 a.m. A house with ivy growing everywhere may be in some violations of city codes.

6/14/12 1:12 p.m. A woman has been receiving sexually explicit phone calls from a man who was asking what and how she was doing.

6/14/12 2:04 p.m. A business on Westlake Drive is asking for a police presence to keep an eye on the many skateboarders who hang around the area.

6/14/12 2:21 p.m. A skateboarder said that the owner of a business on Westlake Drive was aggressive toward him and his friends when they were skateboarding. The skateboarder was advised not to skateboard on the owner's property.

6/14/12 3:07 p.m. Juveniles in a gray Mazda Tribute were driving around and throwing water balloons at passing vehicles. One caller said a balloon cracked his windshield.

6/14/12 4:06 p.m. The rear window of a woman's car was smashed out while it was parked near her apartment on Oakridge Road.

6/14/12 4:17 p.m. A delusional neighbor is walking around trying to find someone she knew years ago.

6/14/12 5:40 p.m. A customer who walked away without paying his tab at Firehouse Pub later returned and fell asleep at an outdoor table.

6/14/12 8:29 p.m. A solicitor slugged a woman's boyfriend while making a sales pitch.

6/14/12 9:57 p.m. An ex-husband had received harassing text messages and emails from his ex-wife.

6/15/12 10:11 a.m. Two neighbors on Lower Drive are arguing over their property line and plant removal.

6/15/12 10:20 a.m. A renter of a house on Waluga Drive won't allow a Realtor to come in even though he has been given notice that he has to move out.

6/15/12 11:15 a.m. Four tires were slashed on a 2003 Hummer on Preakness Court, causing a loss of $1,500.

6/15/12 11:45 a.m. A tire was slashed on a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox on Bloch Terrace Court, causing a loss of $250.

6/15/12 11:57 a.m. A tire was slashed on a 2006 BMW on Britten Court, causing a loss of $200.

6/15/12 12:24 p.m. A tire was slashed on a 2011 Chevrolet on Britten Court, causing a loss of $225.

6/15/12 2:11 p.m. A 17-year-old runaway girl called her parents to tell them she was in Eugene and was not coming home.

6/15/12 3:51 p.m. A female on Ash Street seemed disoriented as she started digging in dirt and then banging on a door.

6/15/12 8:45 p.m. In a fit of temper, a 15-year-old son kicked in a door and damaged a TV.

6/16/12 9:27 a.m. Concern broke out on Country Club Road and Iron Mountain Boulevard when a turtle was spotted at large. It was believed to be heading toward some railroad tracks.

6/16/12 9:39 a.m. Two teens were shooting at birds with air soft rifles at Bryant Woods Park.

6/16/12 9:55 a.m. A strange man was jumping up and down at West Waluga Park.

6/16/12 11:04 a.m. A road rager got out of his car and kicked and spat on a Jaguar at B Avenue and North State Street.

6/16/12 1:35 p.m. After a drunken man was transported from Oswego Lake by AMR, a nice woman took his dog for safe keeping.

6/16/12 1:36 p.m. A woman desperately searching for somebody named Richard on Ridgeway Road was knocking on doors and yelling, 'I know you have him in there. Let him out.' She wrapped up her mission five minutes before the police showed up.

6/16/12 3:23 p.m. A man started swearing at a woman in a harsh disagreement over a parking spot.

6/16/12 4:13 p.m. A sports-loving 16-year-old boy ran away from home. He was wearing a Chicago Bears baseball cap, a Lake Oswego High School basketball jersey and gym shorts.

6/16/12 5:15 p.m. After stealing a man's cell phone, a suspect began calling his friends and threatening them.

6/16/12 6:27 p.m. A 17-year-old runaway was located and lodged at a juvenile detention facility in Bend.

6/16/12 8:58 p.m. Several youngsters were playing in a house that was under construction.

6/17/12 7:14 a.m. A mentally disturbed woman has been yelling out of her window for the past 44 minutes.

6/17/12 12:30 p.m. A woman's ex-boyfriend stole a car and brought her daughter to church on South Shore Boulevard.

6/17/12 12:51 p.m. A possibly unhinged woman in an apartment was yelling about people stealing her things and complaining that people were having sex too loudly.

6/17/12 4:03 p.m. A woman reported that her neighbors are planning to kill her.

6/17/12 4:55 p.m. A father says his daughter sent a suicidal text message to her brother.

6/17/12 5:09 a.m. A woman's Suburban was damaged by juveniles throwing rocks from a train trestle on Fielding Road. The four youths were referred to their parents and trespassed from the location.


6/12/12 2:43 p.m. A grandfather sent $1,800 to get his grandson out of jail in Bolivia after getting a call from an inspector.

6/13/12 12:21 p.m. A grandson has been defrauding his grandfather by using his debit card to purchase items online.

6/14/12 1:24 p.m. After answering an ad from the Lewis & Clark College job board, a son was sent fake checks. They were cashed and the money was sent to the Philippines.

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