Smith-English retires from CCC theater


June 30 marks David Smith-English's last day as Clackamas Community College's theater director and instructor. He's experienced 'such good fortune' in his career, both at CCC and at Jefferson High School in Portland.

He first came to CCC in the late 1980s, and spent seven years there as a part-time scene construction and design instructor, before moving to JHS, where he was part of the Performing Arts Magnet Program for eight years.

He returned to CCC in 1994, as a full-time instructor, and he and his wife, Cyndy Smith-English, began Clackamas Repertory Theatre in 2004.

Looking back on his teaching career at CCC, his legacy 'has to do with the quality of the productions we did, and the education and training of students.' He figures he has directed about 50 plays at the college.

'I'm proud to have been here and I am a proud Cougar,' Smith-English said.

And he feels the same way about CRT.

'We trained those students and now we can give them jobs in a professional setting, and the ability to move on and work in other theaters. It is very special how many students are still my good friends and we work together,' Smith-English said.

As for the future, he will continue as artistic director of CRT, along with his wife, who is managing director.

But come October, when the current CRT season is over, 'we are going to France and are looking forward to going other places in the world.'