Protect children from adult media content

As a West Linn parent, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to filter the content my children are exposed to in routine life. Here are two examples that trouble me.

First, I'm in the checkout line at the Safeway on Salamo Road doing routine grocery shopping in the middle of the day. A Blockbuster kiosk stands by the end of the line, flashing the movie "Ghost Rider" on a TV monitor with a flaming skeleton head committing acts of violence.

Next, I'm at home on a rainy Saturday morning looking for a kid-friendly show on Comcast's On-Demand service.

Even though I've previously configured parental controls and I'm surfing the kids section of the menu options, the preview window is showing a non-kid-friendly action movie.

I emailed Comcast customer service about this already months ago to file a complaint, only to be ignored by a generic response. Plenty of time for them to act on the feedback and modify their approach, but I'm sure the cost of developing that logic isn't a priority for them, since it doesn't increase sales or noticeably decrease the number of customers.

I emailed both Safeway and Comcast again today, asking them to make a change. It will be interesting to see if either makes an adjustment.


Ed Buturla

West Linn

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