Store will feature bakery, deli and many basic home necessities
by: Jeff Spiegel The deli at the Currinsville Store will offer homemade sandwiches and soups made from scratch

Considering that the Currinsville Store has been around since 1937, its closure during the past two years must have been tough for the local customers. Fortunately, the problem has been solved by new owner Aaron Alexander and the new manager, Phyllis Brinkley, who reopened the store last Monday.

'A lot of this decision was about job creation, but we also saw it as a way to do something for the community,' Alexander said.

The new store offers a wide variety of options for local residents. The store has a new deli that features pastries, cookies and cupcakes from local pastry chef Sarah Brinkley.

Brinkley had been operating her baking business out of her house, but the opening of the new store offers her the ability to sell her items in the store. A visitor to the store tried one of Brinkley's root-beer-float-flavored cupcakes and found it 'absolutely delicious.'

Adding to the baked goods and standard assortment of necessary household items, the deli is a new feature to the store.

'We've all been violated by sandwiches with so little meat,' Alexander said, 'so we're going to make ours with a little more meat than people are used to.'

Another feature at the new deli, which is already a big neighborhood hit, are the biscuits and gravy, which Alexander says attracted a whole crowd of kids.

Many of the youths come from nearby neighborhoods, which Alexander estimates include about 200 families who are all within walking distance of the store. The store used to be a big hit among local community members; however, the prior owners cited health issues and personal reasons for closing it down.

Included in the space Alexander now owns is a room next to the market, which he hopes will be in use by the holidays.

'We've thought about putting a coffee bar next door, maybe even one that serves local Oregon microbrews and wines,' he said, 'but at the very least we're going to have some wi-fi for people to come by and use.'

By the time the store is finished, its inventory will include beer, wine, cigarettes, lottery tickets and even some fresh local produce.

'We just want to give the community what it needs while also doing our best to attract a lot of people,' Alexander said.

The new store is halfway between Estacada and Eagle Creek, at 28424 S. Eagle Creek Road.

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