A Clackamas County Search and Rescue team rescued a kayaker who was stranded between two cliffs on the Sandy River and unable to climb out on his own Saturday night.

The kayaker, identified as Ashish Mishra, 26, was found in a location where he was unable to paddle down any farther because of hazards across the river.

Members of Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNW) contacted the kayaker as other members of the group hiked down toward him from the side of the river.

When the Army Air National Guard flew into the area with a Blackhawk helicopter, rotor wash from the helicopter caused a large landslide, sending large rocks and trees down toward the kayaker and rescuers.

Mishra suffered an injury to his shoulder during the landslide, and rescuers determined the helicopter posed too much of a risk with the falling debris.

PNW then performed minor first aid on Mishra, mobilizing his arm. They hoisted the kayaker and a rescuer about 100 feet up the cliff before walking back about a quarter of a mile to the ambulance. Mishra was transported to Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center.

On Saturday, Mishra indicated on Facebook he was "running Sandy Gorge for the first time."

More than 25 volunteers and eight firefighters took part in the rescue, including members of Mountain Wave Communications, PNW, Clackamas Fire, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, American Medical Response and the Army Air National Guard.

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