Re: Green light for Scappoose growth goals

"A lot of people like this place because it's a nice place to live," Zimmerman said. "This would absolutely wreck that." She said, "We have become a dumping ground for Portland."

Really? I see many nicer, newer homes in the city than 20 years ago. Are any of them in forclosure? Sure, but you see that anywhere today.

Remember having to drive to St Helens or Portland for a lot of things, and then we got a Fred Meyer & Sears? Now we even have a Les Schwab & Fultano's.

Sure businesses / residents come & go, but we in reality we have it pretty good here.

Seems like Scappoose has more opportunities for people to have jobs in the community they live in than 20 years ago.

Is it perfect? Probably not. A dumping ground? Hardly.

Re: County commissioner picked to help guide economic plan

Good job, Tony. May this recognition be the nail-in-the-coffin for the Maygra campaign. It was toast anyway, but another slap-down just for general principles is not a bad idea


Yes, because Tony Hyde has done such outstanding work with the economy and jobs here in Columbia County.


these clowns, or anyone else as a county commissioner cannot help "jobs" and the "economy" central planning never works


O. K. so they picked an empty headed !!!. First qustion I have for him. If he knows so much where are the jobs in Columbia county?

Re: May mayhem stretches police already ‘running the razor's edge'

All I read was that the police were doing their jobs. Not once was there any evidence presented that lack of manpower or equipment resulted in an incomplete or inadequate response or a duty failed.

Anyone can come up with doomsday scenarios--especially when a tax increase is in the mix.


What does it take for the community to understand redcuing resources while the city grows does not make sense? If you want a service, it has to be paid for. The contsant rhetoric about waste clouds the fact that the city is larger and we have less police on the road.



I posted quite a list of reasons for it...EVEN THE PAPER MOVED ON.

You will see the same issue again,cause the state and county are sure you are so short in the memory area, that they can place another nut in your city and you will never know it,THEY DID IT ONCE,this thread proves they will again. Leave the post Mr.editor, its the least you can do.


how could have more cops saved jennifer? there was no one around.

more cops does not equal less crime.

basically what this article is saying is that the police are stuck doing real police work and don't have anyone left over to harass people, teenagers, etc...

Re: The crime down the street

you're a fool if your think the police or govt can protect you from anything. you need to become a man, and protect yourself, your family, and other people around you. relying on other people for protection is pathetic and utterly disgusting.

no amount of govt control or police will protect you. there could be a cop at everyone's front door, and the criminal will go through the back.

you will only lose freedom, and gain no security. and as the famous quote goes, you will deserve it.

my advice to you is to become a man, and protect yourself. or i guess you could set a example and donate all your money to the shdp. they will definitely accept it.

put up or shut up.

ps, you are just as much of a criminal as the ones you want put in jail, you use government to steal money from people instead of doing it yourself. kinda the a cowards thief


Your ethos died with the Old West -- for good reasons.

Your comment is a red herring -- no one expects the police to detect someone who is on their way through the back door. But there is a clear correlation between a suitably sized public safety force, their ability to clear crimes, and the attitudes of the criminally minded. A sense of lawlessness begets more lawlessness. Expecting all St Helens citizens to pack a gun is obviously no solution whatsoever to the problem of crime, or its current rash.

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