School of professional makeup artistry opens in Southwest Portland

MULTNOMAH - With film and television production in Oregon on the rise, professional makeup artist and Southwest Portland resident Celena Rubin is creating opportunities for locals with an interest in makeup artistry to learn technical, marketing and networking skills and tap into a market of freelance work.

Recently, she launched the Art of Makeup School of Professional Makeup Artistry, Oregon's first school exclusively dedicated to the craft.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Celena Rubin, left, puts the finishing touches on a models makeup.Rubin herself boast more than 20 years of experience in makeup artistry, starting with her involvement with her high school theater department.

Since then, she's worked in Los Angeles in a variety of industries.

Her resume includes work for ABC's "Good Morning America" and "20/20;" magazines such as W, Oprah, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair; and actors, directors and politicians such as presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Downey Jr., Will Ferrell, George Lucas and Cameron Crowe.

Looking for a change, Rubin said she decided to relocate to Portland and, as she did her research, she discovered there was no school dedicated exclusively to professional makeup artistry in the area. After teaching a few classes in Los Angeles, Rubin decided to use her experience and skills and offer courses out of her home in Multnomah Village.

To start up the Art of Makeup, Rubin has scheduled a six-and-a-half-week rotation of courses this summer. Each course is limited to 10 students, who receive one-on-one attention and opportunities to practice makeup artistry hands on.

Rubin's first weeklong course began June 25, covering corrective beauty - what she called the foundation of makeup artistry. The course's curriculum includes information on face shape, eye shape and nose shape and ways alter the shape of the features, including highlighting and contouring. Rubin said she will be covering natural, classic and dramatic beauty styles - the basic levels of makeup.

During her second week, Rubin will be offering a course on fashion and bridal makeup and retail cosmetics, covering styling for advertising campaigns, runway shows, high fashion and editorial work. She'll also be talking about the current trends in makeup.

Bridal makeup, she said, is a whole industry in itself, and her instruction on retail cosmetics covers working behind the counter or freelancing for major cosmetic companies such as Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique and MAC.

The third course in the school's rotation covers period makeup, starting with styles from the 18th century and working up through each decade of the 20th. Rubin said she'll be teaching students about the application methods of each era, as well as a bit of the history of makeup.

Rubin's fourth week covers makeup for film, TV and the stage.

Students will learn about creating characters; the difference between makeup used for daytime television and the makeup used on regular episodic shows and in film; using HD makeup; the importance of keeping continuity; script breakdown; unions; set etiquette; what to keep in your set bag; designing and sketching makeup for the stage; and more.

Week five focuses on special effects makeup - creating bruises, cuts, wounds, scars, bullet holes and applying and removing small premade prosthetics

"The makeup effects you can do in the makeup trailer," she said.

Her final course of the session covers airbrushing - using an airbrush machine to create fantasy and body makeup and cover up tattoos, scars, bruises and other imperfections.

Rubin said she'll also be offering a hair-styling workshop for makeup artists that covers some period styles, bridal updos and using rollers and hot irons instead of hair-cutting.

As she said she has more experience in other areas, Rubin will be bringing in other makeup instructors to teach during the period, special effects and airbrushing courses.

No previous experience is required for students interested in signing up for courses through the Art of Makeup, and they can choose between attending a course in just one subject, four weeks' worth of courses or the whole six-and-a-half-week rotation.

Although makeup artistry workshops have been offered in Portland, Rubin said the Art of Makeup is a resource that is unique within the city, as people have previously had to travel to Los Angeles for makeup courses, which can be costly and inconvenient.

"I'm happy to be able to provide this resource here that has not been provided before," she said.

Rubin said she is waiting to learn more about people's scheduling needs before designing her next rotation of courses, but that there will be more offered in the future. She said she is available to meet with prospective students and answer questions before they sign up for a course.

"Makeup artistry is the type of career that can create a lot of adventures," she said. "If you want, you can travel to a lot of interesting places and meet a lot of interesting people.

"The most exciting thing for me is the people that I meet and the places that I go."

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