Beaverton cuts economic development director position

Mayor rolls Gary Brentano's duties into Community Development office
by: File photo Gary Brentano

The city of Beaverton's economic development director position was eliminated Monday, with duties of the role assigned to the Community Development Department.

Mayor Dennis Doyle made the decision Monday to lay off longtime Economic Development Director Gary Brentano and transfer his responsibilities to Community Development Director Don Mazziotti.

'We made the decision to combine the efforts of the business development group and the planning group,' Doyle said Tuesday afternoon. 'It will bring more efficiency and improve communication lines between the two groups.

'I've been trying to make us more effective' in the area of economic development, he added, 'and I think this will do it.'

Calling the elimination of Brentano's role 'basically like a layoff,' Doyle said the move was 'not an easy decision' and praised Brentano's contributions to the city's economic growth.

'I appreciate what Gary's done for the city,' he said. 'He's been very supportive and managed to get the business development group up and running. That was an important step for the city. I'm sure he'll be fine, and we're just going to go forward from here.'

Doyle said there are no immediate plans for further 'cost-cutting measures' or cuts involving city employees.

'It's difficult to give up a valuable resource,' he said. 'But you will not see any fallout in customer-service delivery abilities.'

The Community Development Department encompasses a range of responsibilities including business and building permits, inspections, code and zoning enforcement. Doyle said the department will likely be 'rebranded' to reflect its expanded role in furthering economic and capital development goals.

'We're trying to accentuate how we deliver communications to businesses that are attracted to the city,' he said. 'We have a solid leadership team with Don Mazziotti, and this was a good time to make this change."