New York choir trip in peril after theft


Next April the Sandy High School choir has an opportunity to sing on Lincoln Center's stage in New York City with a professional choral director, a professional orchestra and an audience of 1,500-1,600 people.

The trip will cost $1,500-$1,600 for each student, and Bruce Scarth, choir director, says about 45 students hope to participate.

As one of their fundraisers, the students have hosted a TNT Fireworks tent at Fred Meyer, where they receive 25-35 percent of sales. Last year, the sale brought in $2,000 for the choir.

But the night of Tuesday, June 26, about $1,500 worth of product went missing, Scarth said. Despite the site being guarded 24 hours a day, Scarth believes a thief reached fireworks set on the ground, threw them in a car and left.

Scarth and the choir students have filed a police report, but there is no insurance for the missing fireworks.

Scarth thanked community members such as Les Geren, who donated fencing to create a cage around the tent.

But for a group that's trying to raise $70,000, losing $1,500 worth of product they could have sold is disheartening.

"I'm hoping people can help buy fireworks and help these kids get to New York," Scarth said.

Hollyanne Hanson, an incoming Sandy High senior and president of the high school choirs, noted how important the choral trip was to her and her classmates.

"I really love this group and am excited to travel with them," she said. "We usually travel every two years, and two years ago we weren't able to raise enough money to travel. If we don't travel next year, it will have been four years."

Along with the high school's music foundation auction that benefits both the bands and choirs, the choir participates in Sandy Mountain Festival and holds garage sales and car washes.

"We're willing to try anything," Hanson said. "This is so, so important to us."

To assist the Sandy High School choir department in its fundraising efforts, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..