Red Apple comes of age

Boring restaurant now boasts new chefs, new servers, new menu and many happy diners

After operating in Boring for a year, Hong Chan, manager of the Red Apple Restaurant, is still making improvements.

Those changes - which include new chefs, new servers and a new menu - are making a difference, especially with customers who were dissatisfied with the way the business began.

Even Chan was dissatisfied with the early beginnings, so she hired a Chinese chef with 35 years of experience and an American chef whose specialty is breakfast.

She also has rearranged the kitchen to improve efficiency for kitchen workers.

The menu has been revised, with the addition of lo mein and other daily specials. Chan said she can now create any Chinese dish - even if it is not on the menu - because of the chef's decades of experience.

Daily specials are something to look forward to and perhaps call ahead about when choosing which day to visit the Red Apple Restaurant. Chan said there are daily specials at each meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not only has she changed the way food is prepared with the new chef, but she has also changed food suppliers to ensure high-quality meat and fish products.

'At first, we didn't know what kind of food (regular customers) like, so we listened to customers' comments (to know what to change),' said Chan, who had a restaurant in Milton-Freewater before opening the one in Boring.

An example of the change in quality is the chicken fried steak. With her new supplier, she doesn't buy the pre-made steaks, but instead uses an eight-ounce lean cube steak and has the chef apply what anyone would call 'homemade fixins' to make it a special dish with country gravy.

The addition of lo mein is bound to please everyone, with ample amounts of vegetables, chicken, pork, beef and shrimp amid the noodles - all cooked together. For those with a particular taste, lo mein may be ordered with just vegetables or just one meat item.

Chan is proud of the new chef's version of fried rice, which she says is served moist and full of flavor.

Chan says she is getting lots of good reactions to the new food, whereas months ago she was hearing complaints.

That's why she is welcoming diners back for another meal. Some of those who left the Red Apple disappointed have returned, and Chan says they all have been happy to see the positive changes.

To thank people for their patronage and to welcome them back, Chan is giving a 10-percent food discount for everyone who visits the Red Apple in August.

The Red Apple Restaurant is at 28300 Highway 212 in Boring at the signal intersection with 282nd Avenue. Chan serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 a.m.-10 p.m. seven days a week. Fridays and Saturdays the American special is prime rib. The restaurant also has a full-service lounge with flat-screen TV, pool table, video lottery and a fireplace. For more information or to place a take-out order, call 503-512-7819.