Special events help community express support

Hundreds show up to honor the fallen Navy sailor

Laying her late husband's fire cadet helmet in her hands on Friday, Forest Grove Fire Marshal Dave Nemeyer told Hope Gallinger-Long that from that day forward, 'new cadets will know Ryley's name.'

Recalling a day when Ryley Gallinger-Long taught first-graders how to 'stop, drop and roll' by actually doing it himself, Nemeyer pledged to tell the stories of the fallen sailor's penchant for service. 'We will never forget Ryley or what he meant to us,' Nemeyer said.

Scores of people showed up to a procession last Wednesday returning Gallinger-Long's body home to Forest Grove, and hundreds paid their respects at his funeral and burial on Saturday.

'Because of his bravery, Ryley will always be the best of the best,' funeral speaker Howard Long said of Gallinger-Long, 19, a Navy hospital corpsman who died while tending to a wounded Marine in Afghanistan nearly two weeks ago.