Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

New school board member should work well with colleagues

I read school board member Alisa Hampton's Aug. 17 guest column with interest. I have abbreviated some of her statements that she wrote:

'... I came to understand the complexity of running a public school district ... my respect and admiration for all of our staff increased exponentially ... each time a new member joins, he or she must be brought up to speed...' and '... much of the burden falls on superintendent' but '...onus is really on the new board member to dedicate the time, energy and effort in order to serve all our students and staff well ... the learning curve is very steep ... while I have not always agreed with fellow board members in approach, in principle, or in the best way to move forward, that is part of the value of having five perspectives -- and five votes.'

I am confident that Kate Grandusky, a recently elected school board member, has a very similar point of view as Alisa Hampton and I know that she will do her homework. I am sure that she will work well with Alisa Hampton, the new board chair this coming year, as well as the other members of the board.

Dale Feik

Forest Grove

School board guest columns have been disappointing

When the News-Times announced it planned on giving board members space in the paper I was unhappy, as they already have a platform from which to speak, one much bigger and that carries farther than any member of the public.

On the other hand, I was looking forward to some sort of thoughtful exposition of their philosophy on education (one must have learned something from raising four children after all) and how this influences the direction they set for the administration, a discussion of the coming year, or even a simple point-by-point examination of any of the concerns raised by the public.

Instead we got self-congratulations on an ineffectual summit, an admonishment to 'heal,' and meaningless blather on the difficulty of the job, time period it takes to 'get up to speed,' and other unimportant factors.

Considering the recent public outcry over decisions to cut programs, teachers and electives while at the same time adopting an expensive reading curriculum, pay raises for administrators and adding more FTE for workshop classes, the guest columns were remarkably meaningless.

Is this what the News-Times wanted?

Quentin Crain

Forest Grove

Positive aspects of Gales Creek warrant news coverage

Thanks, News-Times, for completely ignoring the Gales Creek National Night Out in your coverage. We have very healthy community participation, but it seems that the only time Gales Creek makes the News-Times' news, it's for some negative editorial against our community.

How silly those of us who live in Gales Creek are. We shop in Forest Grove, subscribe to your newspaper, attend parades and events, join food co-ops, share a fire department, and yet we aren't good enough to make your newspaper articles except when your editorial department decides we need a little comeuppance.

Perhaps we are a bit sensitive about our school being closed and being treated by school officials as if we are diseased, but it seems as if you could mention us once in a while in a positive light.

Linda Martin

Gales Creek