UGB expansion does not compromise the Crown Zellerbach recreation trail


I'm writing to offer my support of Measure 5-216. This Urban Growth Boundary expansion is good for Scappoose. We need jobs in this community and I will continue to work to support and encourage the creation of a stronger local economy.

I wanted to discuss the Crown Zellerbach Trail between West Lane Road and Honeyman Road - the segment that would be impacted by a UGB expansion. Currently today, a developer could develop the entire property from West Lane Road to Bird Road and could build right up to the edge of the trail. The city would need to have the development use a portion of Crown Zellerbach Trail as secondary access for life/safety onto those properties.

Walking the trail today between West Lane and Bird Road you come across too many nuisances to call it a safe portion of the trail. Between old dilapidated single wide trailers to abandoned cars and falling down old buildings this portion of the trail is not the scenic route we wish it could be. It falls short of the scenic portions down past Miller Road and to Honeyman and beyond to the Multnomah Channel.

My vision for the trail is different than what is currently there. In my vision the trail is safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. As a member of City Council I pushed for trail improvement and helped replace the gates to increase access.

If voters approve the UGB expansion, I will make sure any development that occurs will protect and better our trail. Specifically I envision the trail having lights, workout stations and benches for the public to enjoy.

I have always been a supporter of the Crown Zellerbach trail - and I'm excited by the possibility this UGB expansion gives us.

Please join me in voting YES for Measure 5-126.

- Mayor Scott Burge, Scappoose