Let us vote for debt, rather than give 'input' during public involvement programs for projects with predetermined outcomes.

Recent (opinion pieces) about civility in public discourse by liberal - progressive elements and respect for water projects by officials in Lake Oswego represent either gross incompetence or intentional deceit.

Six years ago in 2005 I backed a letter writer in the Birdshill area with respect to his position in regards to Foothills renewal and Streetcar. I further questioned the exclusion of West Linn residents from alternative studies for transportation options. Since those dates I have been summarily blacklisted when I have asked or applied to be a voting member of various committees that affect land use and infrastructure issues in regards to the Birdshill area. Code phrases such as 'difficult to work with' uttered behind my back by planners, politicians and surrogates have sealed the state of rejection at the Lake Oswego, Clackamas County, Metro, state of Oregon and federal levels of government.

There is no court of appeals with members from this clique, a lesson I should have started learning 50 years ago at Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego.

Further, today I occupy the position of primary caregiver to my mother due to circumstances and necessary survival choices since 2000. Thus as a laid off and currently underemployed rocket engine and International Space Station manufacturing engineer I am subject to being treated with contempt due to my lowly position, lack of gainful employment and failure to own property in the greater Lake Oswego region. Whenever I make statements or ask questions in public venues about any issue, fact or document, related to streetcar, Foothills renewal and comprehensive plan updates, I have been asked 'What dog do you have in this fight?'

Most recent was a written request made to a professional engineer from OTAK for all documents relating to evolution of the intersection of Highway 43 (aka State Street) and Terwilliger Boulevard - referred to as the North Gateway to the Foothills District at the 'open house' in July. This intersection is complex in all dimensions for the radius of a football field. I would not attempt to propose or design anything in this area unless I had a three- dimensional model within arms reach.

The request was made in an email dated July 15, 2011 at 5:28 p.m. and copied to all leaders of the LOPT 'project partners' and Foothills. I do not have Internet access at my desk. To send an e-mail, I walk two miles roundtrip through a 400 foot elevation change to the Lake Oswego Library via State Street and Terwilliger Boulevard. Not one phone call, e-mail or document in response has been received. The tactic of ignoring questions is in full force. It is commonly endorsed by all 'project partner' leaders of the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project, Foothills renewal and the Federal Transit Administration.

I can only conclude after 10 years of 'input' without substantive answers or 'feedback' along with witnessing the bursting of economic and political trust bubbles a new right has evolved and must rapidly become codified in law by citizens: Right to vote on debt.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby is the Sentinel of the Birdshill area.

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