To the Editor:

I have my own personal reasons to call for Jim Nicita's resignation or recall. For the past 12 years, I have been an active/contributing member of Oregon City. My volunteer service began with the neighborhood associations, the Citizen Involvement Committee and five years on the Planning Commission - weathering the Walmart 'invasion' and the Comprehensive Plan update. In addition, I have worked extensively with our arts community and am a founding member of the Three Rivers Artist Guild. Three years ago, I joined the board of the newly formed Main Street Oregon City committee with the vision of revitalizing Main Street.

I have invested numerous hours of volunteer time in trying to help our community become economically healthy and a better place to work, live and play. Nearly three years into Mr. Nicita's commission term, I have seen businesses turned away, jobs thrown out the window and the ability to grow our tax base crushed. I shudder when I hear business leaders talk about the hostile environment created by certain members of the city commission. The Main Street program, which has brought more than 30 new businesses and millions of dollars for traffic and business improvements, was even thrown 'under the bus' by Mr. Nicita's no vote on the formation of an Economic Improvement District. It is disheartening to see so many good plans citizens have worked on not implemented because of the shortsightedness of one incompetent leader.

One of my biggest concerns is that Mr. Nicita has not contributed any time to volunteer in the community before running for the commission. He has no history of working with the citizens or the city. He doesn't know of all the challenges we have faced, with almost having to declare bankruptcy, a dwindling tax base or our struggle to find resources to afford a fire service provider or keep our police department well-staffed. There are so many challenges we face economically, but we had the opportunity to strengthen our tax base and provide jobs with a development like The Rivers.

I sat at the stop light on Glen Oak Road and Highway 213 waiting for the light to change and thought, 'Look at all the traffic heading south. What if just one in 20 cars stopped in Oregon City to shop at The Rivers and then ventured on to Main Street?' Better yet, how about if I don't have to drive all the way to Clackamas Town Center every time I want to see a movie or shop? It seems Mr. Nicita would rather I spend my money anywhere but Oregon City.

His business is not located here, and he lived in Oregon City a year before running for office. One really needs to ask, 'Where does his allegiance lie?'

Lynda Orzen

Oregon City

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