To the Editor:

I read with interest the article (entitled "Seniors often get swindled by scammers" in the August 2011 issue of the Regal courier) introduced by (King City City Councilor) Dick Winn regarding seniors who are being swindled.

Since I am in the business of conducting estate sales, I was particularly concerned with what happened to the woman on Bull Mountain who was unhappy with the outcome of her sale.

The problem of hiring an estate seller who is unknown is that the client doesn't learn that the seller was a poor choice until the sale is over and it is too late to undo what happened.

The best way to be satisfied with the outcome of a sale is to ask friends, neighbors or realtors to recommend an estate seller.

Realtors especially know the reputation of estate sellers that they have recommended in the past. Most estate sellers do not charge for initial visits nor do they ask for money up front. That should be a red flag.

Also, it is fairly common for sellers to consign items from other people, but never should the consignments conflict with items at the sale residence.

The unfortunate incident on Bull Mountain gives the estate business a bad name.

Estate selling is actually a service business meant to generate money for the sale of the client and to pay the bills of the seller.

It is not a business to earn a living.

Donna Kloster

King City

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