Digital version of the Review is available


Readers of the Lake Oswego Review can now download the entire newspaper to their iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer.

Compared to reading the newspaper on our website, readers who download the entire newspaper will see the actual pages of the Review just as they appear in the printed newspaper.

'We hope this new service allows readers the chance to be surprised by what they find in the same way they are when they read the printed paper,' said Review publisher J. Brian Monihan. 'We find that people who only go to our website for their local news miss many important and interesting stories. This new option allows the reader to experience the news in the same way that someone would if they were reading the paper page by page.

'Another benefit is that readers will find all the display ads from local merchants, with the exception of the inserts, on the downloaded version of the newspaper,' said Monihan.

The cost per week is only $1, but readers can also subscribe for 4 weeks for $3 or 24 weeks for $15. To subscribe to the digital version of the Review, go to and click on the link to subscribe. Readers can also scan the QR code at the bottom of the front page of the Review to go directly to the subscription offer.