Comments create problems for residents

To the Editor:

Well Ms. King and Mr. Neff, I will give you this, both of you have a lot of courage to expose your idiocy to so many people. Your recent comments regarding Walmart and the people it would attract to both West Linn and Lake Oswego are some of the most ignorant statements I have ever seen made by two human beings.

The two of you keep bringing up the people that will come in from Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin and Wilsonville that will pollute your cities. All four of those cities have become fairly affluent in their own right.

Are both of you so far out of touch that these cities seem like crime-ridden ghettos to you?

Mr. Neff, when you said, 'I had not considered the hordes of people, maybe not all of them white, swarming in from Tigard and Tualatin ...'

Are you kidding me? Maybe not all of them white? Is this the South in 1935 or is this present-day West Linn?

Ms. King, it is people like you who have made me come to the point where, when people ask me where I was raised, I don't tell them Lake Oswego. I tell them I was raised in Rivergrove in hopes that they don't put me in the same category as people such as yourself.

I live less than a mile from the proposed Walmart in West Linn and grew up a mile from the proposed site in Lake Oswego and welcome them both. I commend Walmart for creating jobs for people in this country's worst ecomomic time since the Great Depression. Judging by Mr. Neff's comments, he was alive during the depression.

Nick Hurdstrom

West Linn

Walmart will be a welcome addition to LO

To the Editor:

Hooray, Walmart is coming to Lake Oswego! This famous store will be a welcome addition to our commercial business sector. It is a department store, somewhat like Fred Meyer, which provides one-stop shopping.

I occasionally shop at Walmart in the Clackamas Town Center. Walmart, for the most part, has the best prices. They take care of their friendly employees who have been successful in fighting off national unions. If I need a pair of leather dress shoes, I go to Nordstrom's. Their leather goods are top of the line, but you pay for it.

Ms. King bemoans the terrible (predicament) of other not-like-us people shopping at Walmart from out of the swamps of Tigard and Tualatin. I welcome them. In my many years of travel, I have always made a point of riding the local transportation, buses and street cars.

They carry all sorts of people, and it is a reminder of what this country is all about and the demographic change it is undergoing. The white race will be in the minority related to the (Asians), Hispanics and Blacks in a generation. Get used to it.

John Beau

Lake Oswego

Hire a Local Kid/Adult Campaign could help

To the Editor:

Whether we like the corporation or not, Walmart is coming and it means jobs for many people. I hope that Walmart in Lake Oswego and West Linn will hire locally as their commercials indicate.

This should also be a challenge and campaign for all Lake Oswego businesses. How many of our local fast food or other businesses hire locally?

Not too long ago, our present accountants, lawyers, doctors and business owners who grew up here, worked at the local establishments as fast food servers, store counter help, car washers, gas attendants, baby sitters, construction yard cleaners, farm help (summer, high school and college kids picked berries), bank tellers, janitorial workers, cafe servers and so on.

The local businesses, most of whose owners lived here, hired these local high school kids, college kids, moms with kids in school, grandparents and others to save for college, school clothes, a first car, prom, retirement and income and experience.

Patrons enjoyed seeing neighbors, and it brought the community together. Hiring those from our local community, (it is proven people prefer to shop locally with people they know and would spend more to do so) would make Walmart a welcome addition.

Let's start a Hire a Local Kid/Adult Campaign.

Victoria Gardner

Lake Oswego

Gardner is the owner of the Insurance Store Inc. Lake Oswego

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