Information for the public safety column comes from public records of the West Linn Police Department.

Authorities recently filed reports on the following incidents.

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the West Linn police log. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


8/13, 8:11 a.m.; A passenger-side window of a white Ford pickup was smashed to gain entry between 10:30 p.m. and 8:11 a.m. Taken was a green and black Orbea Vuelta bike.

8/14, 7:35 p.m.; Entry was gained through an open window of a car on West Bluff Court and its registration, insurance cards and manual were taken.

8/17, 10:17 a.m.; A theft was reported on River Street.

8/18, 2:22 p.m.; A theft from a 1992 Ford Taurus on Caulfield Street was reported. When police arrived, the owner had already located the missing items.

8/18, 3:19 p.m.; Two containers of tools valued at $200 were reported stolen from a carport on Holly Street.


8/15, 8:04 a.m.; A four-vehicle accident occurred at southbound I-205 at Highway 43. Injuries were unknown.

8/17, 6:04 p.m.; A traffic accident was reported on Imperial Drive.

8/18, 6:22 p.m.; An accident between a motorcycle and a car was reported on Willamette Drive.


8/12, 3:00 p.m.; A foul ball hit a vehicle at Fields Bridge Park and the parent of the batter was not cooperating when exchanging information. The complainant was concerned the situation might get violent.

8/14, 10:59 p.m.; A couple was reported being loud on its lawn. Officers located the party in the 2000 block of Fields Drive.

8/14, 11:25 p.m.; The party on Fields Drive was still going on, and the reporter was concerned that drunk subjects would be leaving the party.

8/14, 8:58 p.m.; Juveniles were speeding up and down Summit Street and concern was raised about a possible party in the area. Police were unable to locate a party or speeding drivers.

8/15, 12:26 a.m.; Juveniles were reported to be on the swing set at North Willamette Park. They ran away when the police arrived.

8/16, 1:10 a.m.; A resident on Aztec Court reported his car had just been TP'd and the culprits left on foot.

8/16, 10:24 a.m.; Two suspicious males were reported hanging out in the shelter at Willamette Park. They 'just didn't fit,' according to the reporter.

8/16, 10:46 a.m.; A suspicious person was reported camping out at Sunset Park. Responding police found some of his belongings but not the camper.

8/16, 2:10 p.m.; A loud karaoke party at Willamette Park was reported. The responsible party agreed to turn down its volume.

8/16, 4:12 p.m.; Two people complained that they were being harassed by two high school students. Officers counseled all parties involved.

8/16, 5:43 p.m.; A preschool-age boy was reported riding his bike against traffic without adult supervision near Carriage Way and Rosemont Road. Mother and child were soon reunited.

8/16, 8:54 p.m.; A report was made of an ongoing problem with a male aggressively driving a white 2005 Ford Ranger. Police located and warned the driver.

8/16, 10:11 p.m.; Boys were reportedly playing with lighters and kicking restroom doors at Tanner Creek Park.

8/17, 1:00 a.m.; A game of ding, dong, ditch was reported on Shetland Road. Someone rang the reporter's doorbell, but police were unable to locate the ringer.

8/17, 7:21 a.m.; A caller wanted to talk with an officer about who her 13-year-old son was corresponding with online.

8/17, 9:26 a.m.; Police received a call of a suspicious van parked at a neighbor's home on Oak Tree Court. It was the window cleaners.

8/17, 9:55 a.m.; A case of elder abuse or neglect was reported.

8/17, 9:56 a.m.; Teenagers were reported having a good time and laughing on Shannon Lane. Police were unable to locate the happy teens.

8/17, 10:18 a.m.; A scruffy male entered DJ's Shear Energy and inquired about payment options and if the stylist ever worked alone. The suspicious character stayed scruffy.

8/17, 1:44 p.m.; Parents called police after kicking their son out of the house. The son wanted the police to take him to jail so he could get something to eat.

8/17, 4:03 p.m.; Kids were reported playing in the fountain at city hall.

8/17, 4:07 p.m.; A house was TP'd on 10th Street, but when homeowners learned subjects could face criminal mischief charges, owners did not provide implicating information.

8/17, 5:21 p.m.; A suspicious call from a window-cleaning service was reported on Britton Street.

8/17, 8:48 p.m.; A caller reported neighbor's outside light shining into caller's house on Kensington Court. The light was turned off.

8/17, 11:10 p.m.; Kids were reported that a screaming and yelling at Tanner Creek Park. They were told to keep it down.

8/17, 11:54 p.m.; A runaway girl was reported. Officers located the girl and returned her to the mother's home.

8/18, 12:50 a.m.; A suspicious car with teenagers in it was reported at the water treatment plant.

8/18, 6:45 a.m.; A 5- and a 7-year-old called police saying they were home alone and scared. Their mom was found sleeping upstairs.

8/18, 9:02 p.m.; Kids were reported playing and being loud at Tanner Creek Park.

8/18, 10:46 p.m.; A complaint of children gathering at Hammerle Park was reported.

8/18, 11:16 p.m.; Suspicious persons were reported at West Linn Lutheran Church. The caller said she was confronted by two individuals by the backdoor.

8/19, 12:03 a.m.; Caller reported unknown person ringing doorbell when no one was expected. Police were unable to locate door ringer.


8/15, 7:21 a.m.; A dog in the Cedaroak neighborhood was left unattended all weekend and barked for 48 hours straight. The dog had water and an officer fed it and saw that it could go in and out of the house.

8/16, 8:16 a.m.; A confrontation at Mary S. Young Park occurred because a dog was at large. The subject videotaped the confrontation on his phone.

8/18, 7:53 p.m.; Ducklings in distress were reported at Willamette Park. The responding officer found no troubled ducks.

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