Don't be too surprised if that police officer who sees your child riding his or her bike while wearing a helmet pulls them over. Not to admonish them but to thank them. But instead of giving them a simple pat on the back, that officer will hand them a coupon for a free donut or similar treat.

Officer Sean Perry said it was several months ago when eating dinner with his own kids that one of them piped up and asked if he ever had stopped a young person for doing something right.

Perry thought about it for awhile it and came up with 'Donuts for Good Deeds.' He then pitched it to his supervisors who were supportive before running it by the owner of the local Sesame Donuts who was equally enthusiastic.

'The city is putting forth money for the donuts to obtain the coupons,' he said, noting that both Chief Jeff Groth and City Manager Jim Patterson like the program.

'Basically anyone 16 and under is what we're looking for,' said Perry.

He said all Sherwood police officers now have access to the coupons and he's personally handed out 20 to deserving young people.

'Primarily it's been for juveniles who have been wearing their helmets while riding their bikes,' Perry said.

Recipients of the coupons have a choice of receiving a junior ice cream cone, 10 donut holes or a small orange juice.

In one incident, Perry responded to a situation where a young person called police to report a household disturbance. The girl later questioned whether she did the right thing. Perry reassured her and gave her a coupon to re-enforce her for contacting police in a tough situation.

Perry said the department will continue 'donuts for good deeds' for as long as the city continues to support the program and there's been talk of expanding who hands out the free coupons to possibly include other city employees.

City Manager Patterson said he's pleased with what he's seen so far.'That's a great deal,' he said. 'Too often we focus on things that are wrong.'

Patterson said that seeing the look on children's faces when a police officer hands them a coupon for free donuts is 'priceless.'

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