Project to improve salmon habitat in Johnson Creek,Willamette

Logs, boulder help slow the river flow

Johnson Creek Watershed Council will soon begin salmon habitat improvements at the mouth of Johnson Creen at its confluence with the Willamette River, a little more than a mile south of the Sellwood Bridge.

The project will place 150 logs and more than 300 boulders in a quarter-mile stretch of the river upstream from the confluence. Logs and boulders will slow the water, creating shallow pools, riffles, and slight meanders, which are all habitat for migrating salmon. The habitat provides a place for fish to rest on their journey further up the Willamette River as well as into Johnson Creek. 

'We are building cover and shelter for all salmon that swim up the Willamette River,' says Robin Jenkinson, project manager for the watershed council. 'This is a way stop.'

The project begins by Sept. 1, and should take four weeks to complete. A tour of the completed project is expected on Friday, Oct. 7.