Poor management of inn not president's fault

I read the article regarding the View Point Inn and their signs blaming Obama ('Signs appear on View Point Inn' in the Aug. 24 issue of The Outlook).

I have to say that it was not the government that lapsed on their fire insurance and mismanaged the business to become bankrupt. As a taxpayer, we should not have to pay for the small business that has failed to do business and manage their money.

I am not a democrat, but I fail to see that it is Barack Obama's issue just because it is a historical building. Those owners should be held accountable for everything and it is extremely poor taste to defile a beautiful building with those hideous posters. It just shows their lack of character and pride in the building. It seems they would like money handed to them without proper knowledge of how to run a business.

Trisha Firestine


Government should not get out of way

Your Wednesday, Aug 24, letter to the editor writer suggested that we get out of the way and the markets will solve all.

Wrong. Are some people forgetting the crisis of 2008, when Lehman Brothers fell? When the entire world economy almost collapsed. The culprit was fraud and deceit by the financial institutions. The liar loans, the bundling and misrepresentation of securities, the complicity by the rating agencies. It is amazing that there has been no criminal prosecutions.

The financial institutions had to be bailed out to the tune of $5 trillion. Now, the same crowd that got us into this mess wants to continue unabated. No, government does not need to get out of the way - stronger and more stringent regulations are needed. We can grow the economy by insuring that markets and the large players that dominate them are honest.

Hal A. White


Oversight was business owner's, not Obama's

The sights from the Viewpoint Inn must be so awesome that they scramble one's brain. Otherwise, how else to explain the audacity of the owner to blame Obama for the current plight he faces after losing the property.

An intelligent person would have asked Obama to send a personal check to pay for property insurance before it lapsed. What an oversight! Even such partisans as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would have difficulty claiming that such personal irresponsibility was the president's fault.

Don Lief


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